Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Program Begins

While most think the basketball season starts in October, here at Arkansas State it started yesterday.  Wednesday was the first day of Summer I classes here at Arkansas State and the women's basketball team is on campus for this term.  Of our 15 athletes 14 of them will be here during the month of June taking a class(s) and working out in the weight room with our strength coach, Ross Miller.  Brittney Gill, an incoming freshman from Pine Bluff, AR will not be joining us until the Fall semester begins. 

Academically each of our returning athletes will be taking one class (3 or 4 hours) during the month of June.  The newcomers are all required by the NCAA to take 6 hours during the summer term (if they are going to be on full scholarship, which all of ours are).  We coaches are not allowed to work with our team members during the summer months.  They are however allowed to work with a strength coach on a voluntary basis.  This is where summer school is advantageous for basketball.  Our summer workout program consists of an eight week program and they have the opportunity to work, as a team, with our strength coach for four of those eights weeks.  Our returners can use this time wisely by increasing their strength during this month while the newcomers can work on getting the proper technique down in the weight room so that they can take the program home with them during July.  For a coach it is quite a tease to have your team on campus and not be able to coach them but it is still a great opportunity for each athlete to better themselves in the classroom and physically.

When our season ended back in March we started looking forward to the next three phases that lead up to the next season (post-season, summer program and preseason).  Post-season was a success and now we are starting our summer program.  With the enthusiasm that I have seen out of our team since they arrived on campus I am looking forward to a great summer program.

Coach Boyer

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